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Religious School

Welcome! For registration and other information, see the Classes and Programs page or contact Education Director Rina Cohen Schwarz at

The Religious School Program is.. 

  • Steeped in Jewish values, traditions and rituals
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Meaningful and substantive
  • Challenging, dynamic and diverse
  • Active dialogue between staff and participants
  • Nurturing, warm and playful


Congregation Habonim is a place that rests on three things, Torah (the WHAT), Avodah (the WHAT and the HOW), and Gemilut Chasadim (the WAY).    

    Al shlosha d’varim ha’olam omed.
    Al shlosha d’varim ha’makom omed.

    The world stands on three things.
    The place stands on three things.

TORAH:  Torah in its broadest sense guides us in our everyday lives, whether it is our holiday celebrations or in our daily life decisions. In its narrowest sense, Torah is text. At Habonim, we explore both. 

AVODAH:  Avodah is both worship and service. In its narrow definition, Avodah is our engagement with prayer and tradition. Practicing our teaching as we explore our communal and individual responsibility to one another. 

GEMILUT CHASADIM:  Gemilut Chasadim are acts of loving kindness. Giving of oneself and one's time, demonstrating one's compassion and empathy are ways in which Judaism guides our lives.


  1. We will approach everyone with kavod - respect and dignity.
  2. We will provide a makom kadosh - a holy and safe place for people to share their thoughts and ideas.
  3. We will provide an avirah ne’imah - an environment that is rich in content and purpose.
  4. We will create tzipiyot – expectations that are reasonable.
  5. We will provide efsharuyot – opportunities for people to question and find meaning along with a variety of ways to connect.
  6. We will provide petichut – the opening for continuous discovery and reflection.
  7. We will leave room for pelah/tikvah – wonder, hope and ambiguity – and we will be comfortable NOT knowing all of the answers.
  8. We will enable kehilah – a community of searchers and learners, givers and receivers.
  9. We will focus on the derech – the process, the way we do what we do.
  10. We will demonstrate and role model ashrei – gratitude and richness by living a thoughtful, serious and meaningful life.


For information about our Religious School, please contact our Education Director, Rina Cohen Schwarz at

Students: Continue Your Studies Online

Work on your Hebrew and Prayer Skills - even between Religious School classes:

  • Prayer Practice for all ages here.

  • Reading lessons in this click and read Hebrew game for all levels here.

  • Virtual Hebrew keyboard for you to type your own words or have the keyboard type words for you to read, intermediate level, here.

  • Virtual Ulpan for students looking to learn conversational Hebrew, here.

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