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Sisterhood Shabbat - Friday, June 11, 6:30 pm

Join with members of Sisterhood for Kabbalat Shabbat.

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Torah Fund

Now that we've celebrated Cantor Bruce and appreciated all of his achievements and all of the wonderful activities and services he has given to Congregation Habonim, it's time to wonder - what is it that helps a Cantor or a Rabbi, any Conservative Jewish clergy member, get ready to contribute to the community?

The word EDUCATION comes to mind.

Your donation to the B'Yachad Torah Fund will support scholarships, programming, and facilities at the Jewish Theological Seminary (our own JTS in Manhattan), Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in L.A., Schecter Institutes in Jerusalem, Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano in Buenos Aires, and Zacharias Frankel College in Potsdam.

Any amount is helpful, as these institutions are what keep Conservative Judaism alive & well.  $180 makes you a Benefactor, and to thank you at that level you will get a Torah Fund pin (this is an annual piece of tasteful costume jewelry that embodies the current theme of Torah Fund - through June of 2021, "B'Yachad" - "together" is the theme,).

It's easy to donate online at!/donation/checkout

B'Yachad, TOGETHER, we can move forward into future generations!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or go to www.jtsa/torah fund for more information!

Purim Fundraiser 2021

This year, in addition to funds raised to support Congregation Habonim, the Sisterhood of Congregation Habonim was pleased to sponsor another Purim mitzvah, matanot l'evyonim -- giving gifts to the poor through support of charitable organizations.

Thank you to the many generous donors who made this year's Purim Fundraiser a success:

Paul & Janet Cord
Renee Edelman
Neil Goldstein
Joseph & Nita Gottesman
Ellen Mendel
Saul & Mary Sanders
Robert & Abigail Schlaff
Joshua & Jessica Zatulove
Queen Vashti
David & Rachel Berger
Stephen Berman & Amy Foster
Elliot & Vicki Brown
Norbert Fruehauf & Dail Stolow
Alan & Wendy Halperin
Lewis Krulwich
Marc & Jill Mehl
Jeffrey & Deborah Moelis
Bob & Vivien Newman
Jason & Mindy Sickle
Alan Danzig & Jocelyn Wilk
Michael Harwayne & Alison Fried
Richard & Amy Kargauer
Beth Lawrence & Jerold Nashban
John & Deborah Meer
David & Robin Singer
Daniel & Wendy Stein
Richard Verner & Jean Hellering
Phyllis Waldmann
Robert & Elaine Witkoff
Lori-Ann Wynter
Jared Averbuch & Ilana Ettinger
Zachary & Beth Bornstein
Assaf & Lindsey Gal
Hilda Jaffe
Stephen & Claire Lewin
Linda Adler
Debra Bernstein
Jessica Boar
Sandy Brod
Michael & Eileen Dolfman
Rabbi Lisa Gelber
Debra Karlstein
Stanley Lewin
Alan & Danielle Kaufman
Elisa Milkes
Daniel & Melissa Paretsky
Scot & Sara Raff
Alan & Alison Rubenfeld
Dan Schwarz & Rina Cohen Schwarz

2021 Torah Fund Pins

Torah Fund supports the institutions that educate Conservative rabbis, cantors, and educators including the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) in New York, Ziegler School of Rabbinical Studies at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, Zacharias Frankel College at the University of Potsdam in Germany, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem and Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano, in Buenos Aires. Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY), Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles, CA), Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem), Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and Zacharias Frankel College (Potsdam, Germany).

Please contact Amy Kargauer at for more information.


Helping Habonim carry on tradition while re-energizing Habonim women!

Download your Sisterhood Application and join us now!

Our Sisterhood is affiliated with Women's League for Conservative Judaism (WLCJ), which is the umbrella organization for Conservative synagogue women's groups worldwide. Through our association with WLCJ, Habonim Sisterhood members have access to educational, cultural and leadership development programs here at Habonim at 103 West End Avenue, and also beyond the walls of Habonim. 

There is always something new and interesting for us to participate in along with our "sisters" from all over the Metropolitan Area and beyond. For further information, contact Sisterhood Board at

Unless otherwise noted, all events are open to all. While the building is closed, events take place on Zoom.

Habonim Sisterhood Board

President Janet Cord
Immediate Past President Amy Kargauer
Treasurer Linda Salomon
Torah Fund Chair Amy Kargauer
Recording Secretary Abigail Schlaff
VP Financial & Corresponding Secretary Mindy Sickle
At Large Board Members  
Deena Ecker  
Elisa Milkes  
Alison Rubenfeld  
Honorary Sisterhood Board Members  
Eva Bergmann, z"l Hilda Bondi, z"l
Renate Elias, z"l Marianne Falkenstein
Lilo Grant, z"l Lotte Marshall Landes, z"l
Hannah Lewin, z"l Lore Mayer, z"l
Grace Neumark Marga Walter, z"l


**Please note that most services and events now require registration for zoom information.**

Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781