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At the Nursery School at Habonim, we understand the importance of preparing children and guiding parents toward the next step in their children's education: Kindergarten.

Tina Lobel, the Director of the Nursery School, and Ann Obsatz, Associate Director, work closely with each family as they explore options in a range of public, private, and Jewish Day schools, based on the wishes of parents and Habonim’s knowledge of schools and each child in relation to the many school choices that exist in New York. We are aware of how competitive this process is and the stress it can cause, and we work with families to make it as smooth and easy as possible -- another partnership in the meaningful growth and development of your child.

We begin the exmissions process with each family after the spring parent/teacher conference about six months before the fall during which parents must apply to schools. After holding an initial kick-off meeting for all parents in March, Tina and Ann meet with each family individually in the spring to learn about their thoughts, hopes, dreams, and goals, and to help them compile a realistic list of schools which to apply. From that point on, they are available to talk with parents, help them think through their options, and also to help children feel comfortable as they go through this rigorous process. This is an important feature, as it provides children with the opportunity to take this test in a comfortable and familiar setting.

Over the years, the Nursery School at Habonim has developed an excellent reputation as a school with an impressive and wide-ranging list of schools that have accepted its children. You can view a list of schools here.

From your first tour to this transition to the next chapter in your child's education, the Nursery School at Habonim is here to support your family. We view our work as foundational, serving as the springboard for a lifetime of curiosity, collaboration, and a commitment to the love of learning.


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