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We are Habonim, “The Builders,” a community that works together to build meaningful Jewish experiences for ourselves and our families. We extend an invitation to you to join our congregation for prayer, study, and friendship, and hope that you will join us as we grow together as individuals, families, and a community. We look forward to a long and meaningful relationship with you. 

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“Do not separate yourself from your community.” - Pirkei Avot

"The purpose of life is…to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some
difference that you have lived at all." -- Leo Rosten

Join your fellow Habonim members in furthering our mission of building Jewish community together. Make a difference and share your time and talents as a Volunteer: one-time, part time, any time!

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Mandatory Health and Safety Fee: $154 for individuals; $300 for families

*Special Chai Discount -- New Individuals, Two-Adult Families, and One Adult Families will receive 18% off their first year of membership
Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783