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Create your own sanctuary space at home for your Zoom prayer services


  • ●  A piece of paper: 8.5”x11”, a piece of poster board, or a pillowcase or a sheet (any size

    works - this is YOUR sanctuary space to use during your Zoom services)

  • ●  Markers, crayons, pens, stickers, and anything else you like to use in your 2D art


  • ●  Photos of loved ones and people/things/places that inspire you



    Directions:Let’s think about how you want to create your sanctuary space/backdrop. Do you want it to be behind you on the Zoom screen or do you want to hang it up for you to look at behind your computer/tablet/tv screen? It’s totally up to you!
  1. Map out what you want to put on to decorate your screen: inspirational words, photographs, words of tefillot, or even quotes from Torah.

  2. Decorate away. Enjoy!

These questions may help inspire your efforts:

What are your hopes and dreams for 5781?
Which prayers do you find meaningful and/or enjoy singing?
Who are some of the people you usually celebrate the holidays with? What comes to mind when you think of holiness?
What is important to you to find in a prayer sanctuary?
Name three things that inspire you?
What helps you focus?
What gives you hope?

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Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781